Saturday, May 03, 2008

CN Detour, Days 2 and 3 and over

I heard nothing in Bathurst Friday morning, except for NBEC train 587 getting ready to go to Belledune in the rain.
NBEC 1868 and 1821 in Bathurst
NBEC 1868 and 1821 were the power, except they kept having problems with 1821. They pulled out of the yard at 06:50, with 1868 pulling her heart out. They stopped soon afterward and pushed back into the yard, and I believe they doubled the train from Bathurst to Belledune. I heard a horn blow at 09:10 in Belledune so that was probably them.

I heard nothing in Bathurst Friday evening, either. I headed down to Miramichi, and as I approached I heard someone talking about a hot wheel on the 136th car. Since NBEC doesn't run trains that large in Miramichi, it had to be a CN detour. It turned out to be CN 308. The head end was stopped just short of the UPM-Kymmene mill, and the tail end was just out of the NBEC yard. The power was CN 8807, CN 5414, and IC 6058.
CN 8807 on CN 308 in Miramichi, NB
IC 6058 in Miramichi, NB

21:40ish VIA 15 met CN 122 at Irvco (Belledune)

May 3:
01:15 CN 122 through Rogersville with 2550 and 2621
06:20 CN 120 through Tide Head, passed by VIA 14 in Campbellton

That was the last train of the detour, as CN's main line is now open.

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