Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bayshore Yard From Spaaace

I was looking at Saint John using Google Maps, and I went to Sea Street by the former CP Bayshore Yard. It's amazing how well the yard shows up in the satellite photo. You can clearly see where the old roundhouse stood and where the tracks are/were.

Contrast that with this aerial photo of Bayshore yard from 1981, courtesy of Bob Boudreau. You can see that most of the roundhouse was gone by then but a few stalls remained... with no tracks leading to them.

I took a number of photos of Bayshore a few years ago. This is a roundhouse stall as it is now.

Dave Dineen has a video of a container freight backing across Sea Street with a lovely CN caboose horn blowing. It's about 2:20 into this video:

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