Friday, June 06, 2008

CN 405 Everywhere

Matt (saintjohnrailfan) posted several videos of CN 405.

Here's CN 405 on May 31 with CN 2692, 2696 and BC Rail 756 in Rothesay.

I like this shot of the same train near Hampton. The track runs along the highway and you get a nice side shot.

Here's 405 on June 4 near Courtenay Bay in Saint John and by the E&NA station in Rothesay with 2502, 6135 and 2650 for power. In the Rothesay segment you can see two blocks of gypsum cars on the train - one to Belledune (from Irving Wallboard) and one to Nova Scotia (from McAdam).

Here's a late CN 405 on June 5 coming back light from Courtenay Bay.

The same 405 on June 5 at Tennis Court Road in Rothesay.

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