Sunday, June 01, 2008

Containers To Dalhousie?

Since the closure of the Olin chemical plant is beginning now, the Dalhousie rail spur has no business. I understand the last NBEC train 591 (Dalhousie local) will be running very soon, if it hasn't already. If nothing else is found, the rail line will likely be closed and eventually lifted, after 124 years of service from June 30, 1884.
First Intercolonial train to Dalhousie, 1884

In Wednesday's Tribune, there was an interesting proposal to put a container terminal in Dalhousie.

Interesting, but fruitless. Given the proposed container terminals in Canso and Sydney, rumours of one for Belledune, and Halifax operating at only part capacity, there is absolutely no need for any more container terminals in the Maritimes. Also, I'm told Dalhousie's port is too shallow compared to these other alternatives. It's a shame, but another industry will have to be found to regain the jobs in Dalhousie.
NBEC 1813 and 1857 in Dalhousie, 2003/10/06


d1t4k said...

hey, Ive been to Dalhousie a few times to check the rails out. Past the plant downtown there is a part of the line that runs down to some docks and then ends there. What was that part of the line used for??

Canadian Train Geek said...

The track used to go right to the docks. I assume in years gone by they would have loaded railcars right at the docks. I have never seen that used since I have been in Dalhousie circa 1999 so I'm not sure when the rails ceased being used.