Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NB Southern Railway Mainline Freights

A few videos of NBSR mainline freight trains were posted to YouTube recently.

Gary Lee has a video of NBSR 9801 East leaving McAdam, with 2318 and 2612 pulling a collection of empty gypsum cars, tank cars, boxcars and empty centerbeam flatcars, and a single NBSR ballast hopper on the end.

Jammin' Joel shot a different NBSR 9801 East in Grand Bay, with 51 cars. It had much the same cars as the last video, except for no ballast car and a bunch of autoracks. The power was 9801, 2318, 2612, 2319, and 2317.

Now that the days are almost at their longest, the westbound NBSR freight can be shot. Dave Dineen shot one at Acamac on June 2 with NBSR 9801, 2318, 2612 and 53 cars. This one had quite a few more tank cars, and since it was a westbound, the gypsum cars and centerbeam flats were loaded. I like the FRED flashing on the rear at the end of the video.

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