Thursday, July 10, 2008

CN 122/123 Cancelled

Container trains CN 122/123, which ran between Montreal and Halifax, have been cancelled. They didn't have a long life, since they began in late November last year. As of now there is only one set of container trains coming into Halifax, CN 120/121.

I understand CN 473/474 (Joffre-Moncton) has gone from "as needed" to daily. This should bring in the head-end freight that 122/123 used to carry. Expect CN 120/121 to get very big.

The last CN 123 left Halifax on Tuesday night. Doug Conrad reported tonight's CN 121 has four units: 5641, 2657, 2405 and 5410.

What does this mean? For CN, it will help alleviate their crew shortages and will probably save some money in the short term. For shippers, unfortunately less trains mean more chances for delay.

Here's my only glimpse of CN 123, during the detour on the NBEC at the beginning of May 2008.

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Saintjohnrailfan said...

I completely forgot about the 120/121 still being run. When I heard about the cancellation, I thought that meant that only 407/408 was going to run the Moncton to Halifax line.

Not as many trains to see, but still better than nothing.