Monday, July 28, 2008


My youngest son and I went up to McGivney Sunday evening to try to catch VIA 615 detouring on the CN Napadogan subdivision. I figured it would take VIA at least 1.5 hours to go from Moncton to McGivney, so I timed my arrival to 18:45 to give them that much time. The signals were red over red both directions, so we took some time to walk around and check out the flowers, grass, and whatever else entertains a two-year-old.
When. Is. That. Train. Coming??
At about 19:20 I heard some chatter on the scanner but couldn't make much of it out except that it sounded like MOW discussions. Shortly after that, I heard a CN detector report "no alarms" but I couldn't get the mileage. I figured that VIA would be along shortly.

On one of my scans up and down the track, I suddenly realized there was a train coming from the WEST. "Great, a meet." But no, the train was on the main line and not slowing.

I quickly turned the video camera around and caught CN 5736 and 5293 at 19:43 with a general freight train. I was shooting directly into the setting sun, so the lighting wasn't the best.
CN 5736 passing through McGivney, NB
The trailing unit was CN 5293.
Zebra striped CN 5293 in McGivney
This was probably CN 306, but I'm not sure.

Here's the video:

Shortly after they left, the east-facing signal turned green over red, indicating the RTC had lined it up for VIA.

I waited and waited, but there was no indication of when VIA would arrive and I needed to get my son home to bed.

We left at about 20:45.

About 3 minutes down the road, I heard the scanner crackle as VIA announced they were arriving at McGivney.

I tried, dear readers, I tried, but when I got back at 20:54 this is what I saw:
Detouring VIA Ocean in the distance at McGivney
The Ocean was between the main signal and the dwarf signal at the other end of the siding, with the Park car literally heading into the sunset.
The face of disappointment
So disappointing.

At least I caught a CN train...

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drc35ca said...

No phone booths nearby? Next time Steve make sure your wearing your cape and suit and GPS\SCANNER as we cannot tolerate this from our train catching Superhero! Ha! oh well at least ya got something!

Canadian Train Geek said...

I had the scanner but not my crystal ball, alas. :)

clam502 said...

Last night I knew the 403 was comeing, I had my camera ready and my scanner on waiting to hear the detector in Charlo when all of a sudden a huge storm rolled in from the the west and it dumped lots of rain and hail on me. I missed the 403, I wasn't too impressed couldn't get one shot. So no worries Steve it happens to the best of us.

clam502 said...

Also at lease you didn't go home empty handed like I did.

Canadian Train Geek said...

I should count my blessings, Chris, shouldn't I? :) The frustrating part was that I missed it by literally 3 minutes. It would have been a lot better had I not known how close I was!

Weather sucks. Every railfan day should be blue skies and fluffy clouds.

scorpi13 said...

I went to McGivney last year hoping to see a train but I too left with nothing.