Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Information on Damaged VIA Train

David Othen very kindly gave permission for me to post some photos and information about the VIA cars involved in Friday's collision.

First, the location. I had thought the collision was just as the Ocean came out of the balloon track at Halifax Ocean Terminals. Not so! The Ocean was already out of the track and crossing over to the rightmost track, prior to backing into the Halifax station. See photo below where the MOW crews are working.

It appears VIA's engines were on the last switch, just pulling onto the rightmost track when CN 121 came around the corner and hit them, possibly between the second engine and the baggage car. I repeat, this is how it appears to me.

The damaged engines and cars at Halifax.

David went to the Halifax station in the morning of July 8 to take these photos and see what he could see. I'll let him explain.

On the track nearest the harbour are:
6417 which appears undamaged
6427 (not coupled) which appears to have the snow plow bent downwards
4 cars obviously couple and all appearing to have crumpled into the next car: 7011 (Baggage), 7223, 7225, and 7200 (all coaches).

In the main station platform were two groups of cars and a car with one end lifted by a crane: 7316 (Service car), 7402 (Diner), 7308 (Service Car), 7518 and 7515 (Sleepers).

7520 separate with one end lifted in the air while trucks were being examined and possibly replaced

Separate string closest to buffer stops: 7507, 7512, 7516 (Sleepers), 7601 (transition car), Yoho Park.

Speculation: 7011, 7223, 7225, 7200 are all unserviceable. I have heard reports that the interior damage in the crumple zone is extensive and that they will be out of service for a long time.

Thank you, David, for giving me permission to post those. Please visit David's web site and have a look at his excellent videos for sale.

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