Friday, July 25, 2008

Matt in Moncton

Matt the saintjohnrailfan left his native home and went to Moncton to shoot some trains. He brought his new tripod with him and the results are great. As I've said before, a tripod makes a big difference when shooting video.

First he went to Berry Mills and caught CN 305 leaving Moncton around 09:15 with CN 5558 and 2425 pulling 70 cars.

Next, he set up in Memramcook on July 23 and caught CN 407 on its way to Moncton, with 2673 and 8014 for power pulling 89 cars.

Here's VIA 615 in Memramcook on July 23 on its way to Moncton, with VIA 6400 on the point shortly before 5 PM.

Matt caught the same train at Berry Mills after it left Moncton.

Finally, he got a "grab" video of CN 408 in Moncton in the evening.

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