Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VIA 614 at McGivney Monday

Peter Gough and David Morris went to McGivney on Monday to view eastbound VIA 614 at McGivney. They arrived at 08:00 and by good luck, 614 was entering the siding for a meet with CN 305. Shortly after they arrived, 305 blew through on the mainline with CN 5527 on the head end.

The Ocean went on its way to Moncton by 08:20.

The consist for the Ocean was: 6400-6419-7003-7228-7222-7215-7108-7312-7509-7519-7309-7401-7313-7502-7501-7525-7506-7513-7504-7600-Assiniboine Park.

Thanks should go to David Morris for sharing his photos.

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