Sunday, August 03, 2008

CN Detour Update

CN 121 went through Bathurst at 18:10. David Chiasson shot it at Beresford at 18:22 with CN 5779, 8810, xx55 and what looks like an IC unit. Thanks to David and to Michel Boudreau for the reports.

CN 305 with 2635 and 5647 and 6000 feet probably went through Miramichi around 18:30 - thanks to Luc Doiron.


drc35ca said...

I dont thinkl it was going much over 35 mph at most! waited 3 hours for it to show! on youtube by now? missed the 305 but michel caught it!

clam502 said...

I have 305 but by the time it arrived in Campbellton it was too dark and I have a crappy night video! Not the best but it's still up on Youtube.