Sunday, September 14, 2008

Appointment at McGivney

I decided to head to McGivney to see VIA 614 detour through there. Given my disappointment from the last time I went for the detour, I allotted plenty of time before and after the expected time to catch the Ocean.

I left home at about 06:15 and I was in McGivney by 07:00. The weather was overcast but not bad, until about 10 km from McGivney when the fog rolled in. Drat!

When I arrived, the east-facing signals showed green over red, indicating a westbound was coming. I set up near the depot, then got out my Model Railroader magazines and started reading. After a while, I heard a thrum and it turned out to be CN 121 (I believe) rocketing through at 07:27.

I believe the power was 2261, 2436, 5529, 8xxx, and a GP38 and a GP9.

I decided to take a walk to the west end of the siding, since I'd never seen it before. I walked past the 30 bulkhead flatcars in the storage siding, then well into the boonies before I finally reached the other end at mile 87.1. Quite a walk - 1.6 miles.

I waited there for about 5 minutes, then I decided to start walking back. Of course, that's when I heard the hum of an approaching engine. I quickly set up to get VIA 6400 split the signals at 08:42.

So if my last time was disappointment, this must have been an "appointment". ;)

Word has it that the detour will last until September 17 (Wednesday).


j mk said...

Is this in Napadogan?

Canadian Train Geek said...

This one is in McGivney.

j mk said...

oh ok, it has a Napadogan tag on it, that is why I asked.