Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Accidental Railfan

I often carry a camera with me, even when I am not anticipating any trains. Sometimes it comes in handy...

Today (Tuesday) I was working near Saint John, and on my way back to Fredericton I passed through Welsford. Bump-bump over the highway crossing, then the usual glance into the siding and WHOA - TRAIN! It turned out that NBSR 2319 East was stopped on the main line for some reason. I pulled over and pulled out my old Fuji A210 to take a few shots.

2319 had her lights doused and both crew were on the ground, walking back to the engine from the consist. I'm guessing they tripped the hotbox detector coming into Welsford and had to fix the problem. Within a couple of minutes of my arrival, they started the engines up (with a big puff of white smoke) and headed out.

NBSR 2319, 2317 and 9801 rolled by me at 3:13 PM with 30 cars in tow.

Always bring your camera!

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