Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Export Train

CN 5736 in McGivney, 2008/07/27
There is a train of export locomotives on its way to Halifax. Train 436 is scheduled to leave Edmundston this morning at 11 AM with CN 5739 leading 9 export locomotives (and two spacer flatcars).

The export units are Freightliner 66954/5/6/7, Fastline 66302, and Direct Rail Services 66431/2/3/4. Thanks to Bruce Hollett for the numbers.

On Monday at 16:36 (Eastern) it went through Belleville, Ontario and it went by Dorval, Quebec at 20:03 (Eastern). At 21:34 it was past Bagot on the Drummondville subdivision, and some estimate it arrived at Joffre around 01:00 this morning.

If it does leave Edmundston at 11 AM, it should be through McGivney around 3-4 PM and into Moncton by 6 PM. It is expected that it won't stay too long in Moncton.

Get your cameras ready!

EDIT: Added details on export units.

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Saintjohnrailfan said...

I heard that since It's getting into Joffre at around 1am, that it will be probably leaving Edmumunston at around 7am.

Either way, I'm going to be in Moncton today, so Hopefully I'll get a glimpse of it.