Monday, October 06, 2008

Youtube Video Ratings

I don't know how many people pay attention to video ratings on Youtube, but I do. I appreciate it when people take the time to rate my videos, and I hope they are doing so honestly. I like the feedback on what videos people enjoy, and which ones they don't - hopefully none! ;) For instance, this video features a night shot of VIA 15 at Nepisiguit Junction and it is rated 3 stars. I appreciate the honesty, and I agree it isn't a great video. Now the video below of the CP Reunion train last year in Harvey got 5 stars with 6 ratings, so... great!

I do find it suspicious when I see someone just posted a video with only a couple of views and it already has a 5-star rating on it. It's easy enough to game the rating system and rate your own videos, but what's the point?

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Saintjohnrailfan said...

That has happened to me before (only having a few views and already a 5-star). It just depends on who's online at the time. Sometimes it's a matter of coming to your page just as you uploaded the video.

Personally, I hate it when a video only has 10 or 15 views, and already has 7 or 8 five star ratings. The account either has VERY loyal watchers, or it's rigged somehow.