Monday, November 17, 2008

CN 120 Arriving at Halifax

It was raining pretty hard on Sunday, and I had no intentions of doing any "formal" railfanning. My daughter wanted to go to Cora's for breakfast, and who am I to deny her? The only Cora's I knew of was in Bedford*, so off we went. I went down Barrington then around the Bedford Basin, taking me by Rockingham yard. You have to drive near tracks if you want to see trains!

I saw two GP38s with a string of loaded container cars down by Ceres, and as I approached the CN yard office I saw a string of containers rolling by the Chinese restaurant at the foot of the Kearney Lake Road. I quickly pulled into the CN office parking lot, and within a few minutes CN 120 rolled into view just past 11 AM.

They were not on the main line, and in fact they had to stop to reline a switch before proceeding through the yard.

CN 2228 and 2645 provided the power.

The reason for their passage through the yard became apparent when CN 4720 and 4722 (the two Geeps I saw earlier) rolled past the yard office on the main line.

I didn't hang around to count cars, nor did I see a DPU unit as I drove past the train, but it certainly could have been there.

Later, I saw VIA 15 roll under the highway at Atkinson as I drove through the pouring rain. Funny - the last time I saw a train there, it was the Veteran Train from November 2005, and it was raining then too!

* There are actually five Cora's in the Halifax area!

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