Friday, November 21, 2008

Get Your Shots Now!

...because the NBEC power is disappearing fast. Very fast.

As reported yesterday, CN 5357 and 5360 were the power on NBEC 402 yesterday out of Campbellton. Here's a photo from "MLW" of that train.

CN 5288 and 5351 are heading to Miramichi today (Friday) to replace the power there. CN 5260 went to Mont Joli on Tuesday, releasing SFEX 4214 which will be retired. No word yet on the Bathurst area power.

So far it looks like just the NBEC / CFMG SD40s are being retired. 6902, 6903, 6908 and 6910 are the first to be retired, as well as SFEX 4214, the only operating C424 on the NBEC roster.

NBEC 1835 arrived in Joffre late Thursday night on CN 403, destined for the Charlevoix railway (CFC).

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