Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Test Train in NBEC Territory

...or should I say, "former" NBEC territory.

CN's TEST train is in the Maritimes. Joel Scott caught it at Parker Ridge, NB on the Napadogan subdivision as it headed east to Moncton on Saturday.

It was in Halifax on the weekend, turning on the Halifax Ocean Terminal (HOT) loop on Sunday night. It must have run to Moncton overnight, as it left Moncton on Monday morning for the Newcastle subdivision with CN 9455 leading. It ran to Campbellton on Monday.

On Tuesday morning it headed west through Tide Head and into Quebec, with a fleet of hirail trucks following it. There was a ballast train in Tide Head Wednesday morning, so expect some more MOW activity later this week.

Nice to see CN doing some maintenance!

Thanks to Joel, Jakob, Phil and Jim for the sightings.

EDIT: The consist of the test train is CN 9455, CN 15007, and CN 15008 (CAPE ROSIER).

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