Thursday, December 11, 2008

The C-424s Are Gone

SFEX 4204, Miramichi
Nicolas Kiss reported the five functional MLW C-424s left Campbellton last night on CFMG train 403, for CN's Woodcrest shops in Illinois. Those were CFQC 4202, SFEX 4203, SFEX 4204, NBEC 4210, and NBEC 4214.
CFQC 4202, Miramichi
The dead units are still in place and are to be scrapped where they are. That includes NBEC 4219 and NBEC 4243 in Miramichi, and NBEC 4235 in Campbellton.
NBEC 4214, Miramichi
The end of an era... sigh. I remember that there was often one C424 in Miramichi paired with an RS18, working the yard. 4210 and 4230 in particular were regular workers there, and I saw them many times.

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