Friday, January 23, 2009

Caboose On Satellite

I think I found the caboose for sale outside Fredericton on the satellite map of Google Maps. The address is 819 Royal Road, which is the address of M.L. Wilkins and Sons, a lumber yard. Looking at the Kijiji ad's photos and the satellite map, it's in the center of this view.


Eric said...

Hi Steve, you are an intrepid satellite-caboose-searcher. That caboose looks to be in pretty rough shape in the Kijiji photos. Good detective work. Sometime I'll try to satellite locate the caboose here in Kingston, still in use as a drive-in theatre ticket booth on McAdoo's Lane here in Kingston.

Eric (Ontario railfan who doesn't lift stuff off in-service units)

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Eric, I agree, it does look in rough shape.

I'm glad you're not the type to lift stuff out of in-service units. Most railfans aren't.

Kris said...

Yes, the Kijiji pictures don't look so hot. The van is definitely off its trucks and the steps are gone too. It's likely sitting on its underframe which means that it's likely not so strong underneath anymore.

But ten grand? Plus moving costs? Naw. You can get a rolling caboose for less than half that.

d1t4k said...

That caboose should be donated to the city of fredericton, cleaned up, and placed somewhere along the old rail lines as a memory of the past. Kind of like Oromocto and Minto's cabooses.