Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jackass Railfans

I heard a report that some railfans from Ontario trespassed at the Eastern Railway Services shops in Campbellton and stole number boards from three units there (CN 5241, NBEC 1809 and CFMG 6907). Apparently they were climbing all over everything, without any permission or safety gear, of course. They were sent away once and came back again at night.

Throw the book at these jerks. Theft is theft and trespassing is not to be tolerated. It's one thing to get a number board from a unit as it is scrapped, with permission; it's another to steal it off a running unit without permission.


clam502 said...

Agreed! Theft is theft. Let's just hope that this lewd act hasn't tarnished the reputation of those of us who railfan with respect to properity and abiding to the laws.

Saintjohnrailfan said...

No offense to the good railfans, but this somewhat changes my views of railfans from Ontario, anyway.

My form of punishment for them would be to strap them to the top of the engine, right next to the horn.

Unknown said...

That's pretty foolish behaviour. hope those jerks get what's coming to them.