Friday, January 30, 2009

NBEC Videos

I found a few recent NBEC/CFMG videos to show what power is being run these days.

cfmgd is posting videos from sunny Rimouski, Quebec. Here CN 9461, NBEC 6901, and CFMG 6902 power a train on January 24, 2009. Great sound and some nice snowplowing.

Interestingly, NBEC69 shot a video at the same location the next day. No snow plowed, but still great sound with the diesel thrum and blowing for the crossing. This train had CFMG 6902, NBEC 6901 and CFMG 6910 for power.

Here's a night video from January 23 by cfmgd, with all SD40 power: CFMG 6902, NBEC 6901, and CFMG 6907.

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