Friday, January 02, 2009

The Newcastle-Loggieville Mixed Train

I recently won two very interesting negatives off eBay. They were taken by John Denney Jr. in July 1946 in Loggieville, NB.

John Denney Jr. was a railway historian of some repute. He wrote several books, including "Trolleys of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country" (1970). There is a collection of about 1600 of his photographs in the Lancaster County Historical Society in Pennsylvania.

I was drawn to these two photos because they show a railway location that I have never seen photographed: Loggieville, NB at the end of the Loggieville subdivision.

Note the outside-braced boxcars.

The notes show the engine was CN 1002, a 4-6-0. I can't read the number on the express car on the end, unfortunately.

In the August 12, 1945 CN public timetables, there were three daily (except Sunday) mixed trains between Newcastle and Loggieville via Chatham.
CN Newcastle Chatham Loggieville Timetable August 1945

I thought you might find these interesting... I certainly do.


chris mears said...

These are neat photos Steve. Thanks for sharing them. I was searching for some shots of mixed trains here on the Island but I'm glad to see these.

I'm not familiar with the area, what would they have been loading at Loggieville?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Probably lumber, Chris. There were a few paper mills and sawmills in the area. Some fishing too, I believe.