Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video from Saturday

Here's my video of NBSR 9803 and 2612 coming off the Reversing Falls bridge.

Any better locations at that end of the bridge?


NBSRFAN said...

Climbing up the rockcuts on the other side of the crossing gives you some different perseptives of it.. Just be careful in the winter!

Canadian Train Geek said...

True... I will keep that in mind. I couldn't do that Saturday with the little kids in the van, though.

Brian B. said...

Hi Steve,

I am curious about the CN Boxes on the rear of the train......appear to be woodchip cars ?

Have you heard any rumours of NBSR perhaps acquiring additional power ? I understand there have been occasions over the last while with units breaking down on the mainline freights and having to leave some tonnage " behind ".

I wonder if they may consider 6 axle units as there is plenty of 2nd hand available ( SD 40'S ). I've talked to some NBSR MOW guys ( former CP ) who stated the bigger power that CP ran over the line, exhibited greater wear upon the rail.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Yes, definitely wood chip cars, Brian. They're quite beat up.

I haven't heard any rumours of additional power. When they acquired 2610 and 2612, there was talk about acquiring a third GP38 but that obviously didn't happen.

I wouldn't think they would want anything other than more GP38s, for parts reasons if nothing else.

I figure they can't be too short on power, since 3703 has been laid up in Island Yard for so long.

I remember that when CP 4563 came to visit, the NBSR crew was very nervous about it spreading rails in the yard in McAdam.

Brian B. said...


Your mention of CP 4563, provoked my memory of CP bringing big road power into Fredericton.

In late 1985, CP changed their scheduling ops with regard to freight traffic in and out of F'ton. Mainline units ( which I assume were west bounds out of St. John ), would drop off / pick up cars in the downtown yard.

Some of the " behemoths " I recorded in 1986 were :

Jan. 12 / 86 @ 9 p.m. in F'ton Yard, M-636's 4735, 4704, and M-630, 4502

Feb. 08 / 86 @ 6;30 p.m., by York Street Station, 4700 and 4500 with 3 cars

May 19 / 86 , outbound along Waterloo Row, 4721 with 25 cars

May 26 / 86 , Fton yard, 4734 / 8743 with 17 cars....12 loads of ballast, 4 box, 1 tank.

All these sightings were at night and only the May 19 train was in the early evening. I regret not having taking a picture at that date but I did not have a camera with me at the time.

The 4700 's / 4500's were not seen in the latter part of 1986. Hard to imagine, that the large road power was used over the Fton branch to F'ton J'c't. The line was 100 lb. rail, however it was in good shape, having been re-ballasted in 1982, during the time ( 1981 - 85 ) that VIA RAIL had the F'ton - Halifax Budcar service.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Very interesting details, Brian. I knew the mainline power did come up to Fredericton for a time, but it is surprising to hear that the big Alcos came up.

From various sources I knew that the RS-18s and RS-23s were in Fredericton at the end, and the C-424s were around until 1989 or so.