Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chaleur in Halifax

Apparently sometime Wednesday night there was a problem with the Renaissance consist on the combined Ocean-Chaleur west of Charny. The Chaleur passengers were bussed from Matapedia, while the Ocean passengers proceeded to their destinations east of Matapedia in the Chaleur cars on Thursday. Make sense? :)

Friday's VIA 14 had VIA 6403, 6405 and 6429 with some deadhead cars and another locomotive for VIA 15 that would be left in Moncton.

Friday's VIA 15 was a set of silver Budd cars rather than the expected Renaissance cars. As it happens, it struck a pickup truck near Rogersville around 18:35. Fortunately noone was hurt but the train was delayed for over an hour and a half.

That VIA 15 with the Chaleur equipment had VIA 6432 and VIA 6427 leading baggage car 8619, coach 8103, Skyline 8509, and sleepers Chateau Denonville (8206) and Chateau Roberval (8224) through Windsor Junction.
VIA 15 at Windsor Junction. Photo by David Othen
Photo by David Othen.

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