Monday, February 09, 2009

Napadogan Memories

I received a very interesting message from a Ms. Ellie Hutchinson a while ago. She lived in Napadogan in the 1940s and 1950s and saw my post about Napadogan. She graciously provided some snapshots that I am sharing with you. I find this stuff fascinating!

According to Ellie, there was a water tower, coal facility and crew house in Napadogan, all on the east side of the roundhouse and the north side of the tracks. The water reservoir for the steam engines was north of the roundhouse on the existing road. The station itself was west of the roundhouse.

None of this shows on the 1985 CN track plan for Napadogan.

Just for trivia's sake, I looked at the September 25, 1955 CN public timetable and there was a 10-minute scheduled stop in Napadogan for passenger train 51/52, a three-times weekly train between Moncton and Edmundston. It looks like train 51 and 52 met at Napadogan, actually.

If anyone has any more details on Napadogan, please pass them along and I will post them.

The station building in Napadogan.

Baby Ellie in front of the Napadogan roundhouse, 1948.

The camp car in Napadogan. Note the nicely tended gardens in front. Ellie's father is leaning in the doorway. 1950s.

Ellie's Nan Colwell and her brother-in-law pose in Napadogan, 1930s.

Ellie's grandfather Colwell stands on the steps of a passenger car, 1930.

Snow clearing in Napadogan.

Snow clearing in Napadogan. I wonder what that building to the left was?

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