Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday's Train on Video

Here is Saturday's NBSR eastbound train on video. It had 68 cars, not too shabby!


Eric said...

Hi Steve, Great video - are those CSX/CryoTrans/BNSF cars carrying food products i.e. potatoes? And where are those NBSR woodchip cars headed? Have also seen CN woodchip cars in some videos, where are they headed? None of these cars ever reach the Kingston Sub, sadly.

Eric Gagnon
Kingston, Ontario

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Eric, I think the Cryo cars are carrying beer, actually. I could be wrong.

The woodchip cars are headed to the Irving pulp mill in Saint John.

I believe CN loads woodchip cars on their Napadogan subdivision, maybe at the Irving mill at Deersdale. See this blog post for a photo with the loaded CN woodchip cars.

Jody R said...

Hey Steve. Yes those cars are empties heading back to Moosehead Breweries in Saint John to be reloaded for the USA market. Moose green I believe. Next time you are heading out to McAdam try to do it during the week. The contractors will let you have a peak at all of the renovations under way in the station. Lunch counter, dining room, old yard office (will be a conference room called the maxwell room), and telegraph office. Things are coming together very nicely for them. Suppose to be a grand opening of the lunch counter when they host the official NB day celebrations Aug 1st.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Sounds great, Jody! Who are the contractors doing the work?

Eric said...

Thanks Steve, for that info about those cars. Never would have guessed beer! Really great videos too. Eric

Brian B. said...

A few years ago, Moosehead Breweries and NB Southern partnered with building a loading facility / warehouse, in conjunction with the Westside Bypass Road project.

Details of that project were on NBSR's website, but the link is no longer available.