Saturday, February 07, 2009

Windsor & Hantsport Woes

The Windsor & Hantsport Railway (Windsor, NS to Windsor Junction, NS) has had its share of troubles recently.

On the morning of February 2 they had a locomotive (CEMR 4011) derail just east of the East Uniacke crossing, on the way to Windsor Junction. They used the second engine (RLK 4004) to rerail 4011. They were bringing 4 empty grain cars to Windsor Junction, and were to pick up some loads from CN there. Apparently after rerailing 4011, they backed up all the way back to Windsor.

Late in the morning of February 4, they sent a plough (55360) and ballast regulator (with two engines pushing) to clear the ice from the line. This was to allow the following freight train to finally get to Windsor Junction. Apparently the plow derailed (twice) around the same place that 4011 did.

On February 5 they used a bulldozer and the ballast regulator to clear 5 miles of track. There were 18 loaded cars at Windsor Junction waiting for them. I assume they have picked them up by now.

Quite a struggle!

EDIT: The track was cleared by Sunday February 8, and a train left Windsor at 07:45 with 6 empty cars to go to Windsor Junction.

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