Monday, March 16, 2009

Last VIA Stainless For The Winter

It's the first sign of spring on the rails! Rumour has it that the "last" stainless steel set of cars on VIA's Ocean will depart Halifax on Saturday March 21. Looking at VIA's web site, you can book a triple bedroom up to then. Triple bedrooms only exist on the stainless steel cars. You can't book a triple again until late November 2009.

VIA takes one set of Renaissance equipment out at a time for upgrades and renovations each winter, and replaces it with a stainless steel set. Many of us prefer the look of the stainless equipment... I know my video camera has trouble focusing on the green Renaissance cars for some reason.

What do you think... Renaissance or stainless?


Adam p. said...

I would have to say that I prefer the stainless steel set but I would like to see them keep both sets running year round. Then you don't get tired of seeing the same cars all the time. Also when I am out filming and I know the Ocean is coming I like having the surprize of not knowing wether a stainless set or a ren set is coming.

Eric said...

1 vote for stainless steel, any day. Is VIA listening?

JFK said...

i like that green engine

Karen said...

I prefer the look of the stainless steel, but for riding, the Renaissance offers single seats -- a great option for those of us who travel alone and like it that way! :)