Sunday, March 01, 2009

VIA 6765

In my very limited number board collection, I have a board from VIA 6765. 6765 was built in 1958 by the Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) for CN as one of 6 in class MPA-18, with serial number 82274. It was transferred to VIA when CN's passenger business became VIA Rail.

I asked my good friend David Morris if he had any photos of 6765. David is a great resource for passenger train information. He found that 6765 was never on the Atlantic but did lead the Scotian at least once, as well as train 18.

Here is 6765 at the head of train 12, the Scotian, at Sackville NB on May 12, 1977. Note the CN logo on the nose, an indication that this was the transition era where VIA was a unit of CN, before CP transferred its passenger equipment to VIA. Also note the CN RS18 as the third unit.
VIA 6765, David Morris
The complete consist was VIA 6765, VIA 6625, CN 3119, 9640, 5419, 5444, 5505, 5722, SOIREE, 1366, and GREENRIDGE.

David also found a photo of 6765 leading train 18 in "Cape" (wherever that is) on April 27, 1980. Here the VIA logo has replaced the CN logo on the nose. This is a shorter train, but notice the dome car.
VIA 6765, David Morris
The consist was VIA 6765, 15410, 9616, 5440, 515, and 5489.

VIA 6765 was retired between 1987 and 1989. As it happens, she survives today at the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson, Quebec. Here is a photo I took of it in 2005 in its original CN livery.
CN 6765 at the Canadian Railway Museum


Eric said...

Hi Steve, according to sightings I recorded during the CN to VIA transition, you might be interested to know that 6765 was the second FPA4 to wear VIA paint. I have her in CN paint in September 1976, then VIA in December 1976. Only 6787 appears to have beaten her to the new paint, I saw her a week sooner in VIA. Also, Cape is near Montreal Central Station. Nice photos. Eric

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Eric, that's something I didn't know about 6765.

I figured Cape must be near Montreal but I'm glad to get confirmation.