Monday, June 01, 2009

The Chaleur Chase, Part 1

The next few posts will detail our chase of VIA's Chaleur train from Matapedia to New Carlisle, Quebec on May 29, 2009. You might want to look at my August 2007 chase to compare shots. The Chaleur was about 3.5 hours late leaving Matapedia on a rainy Saturday morning. See my previous post.

Since I had to come down from the heights of Matapedia, we elected to bypass the International Bridge shot and go to a nice side-of-the-road shot near a campground at 09:36.

On a whim, we ducked in to get the Chaleur at a crossing at Pointe-a-la-Croix (Cross Point) at a little siding. There were a bunch of black ballast cars in the siding, and apparently this used to be a station stop.

As I filmed the last car go by, I heard the brakes come on hard and smelled the brake smoke. I couldn't figure out why they were braking so hard until I realized there was a slow order on the bridge just down the line. Slow orders are very very common on the Gaspe line.

Our next shot was at the highway crossing at Oak Bay at 09:51. I didn't pick a really good spot and I don't think the picture was fantastic, but here it is.

2007's shot was better.

We did a quick grab shot at the side of the road... not quite sure where.

For our next shot, we went to Nouvelle West to the Temrex mill. There, RS-18 1849 (formerly NBEC 1849) was at rest. It could use a spot of paint!

We could not pass this opportunity up, so we set up to shoot the Chaleur "meeting" the "freight". VIA 6425 obliged at 10:15.
VIA 6425 and NBEC 1819 at Nouvelle

We shot another location where the Chaleur went under the road... not a bad location by any means.

We elected to go to the station at Carleton for the next shot, rather than spend any time at the cliffs. It was OK if you like going-away shots like David does. I prefer to see the engine. :) The Chaleur left at 10:40.

Seven shots so far... a few more to come in part 2 and part 3.

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