Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Chaleur Chase, Part 2

This is part 2 of Saturday's chase of VIA's Chaleur

At the end of part 1 the train had arrived at Carleton.

We were caught in some construction after that, and couldn't make it to Grand Cascapedia for the shot there. Note to construction workers - those stop signs on a stick are there for you to use. Don't just leave it to us to decide when it is safe for us to go!

Our next shot turned out to be the station at New Richmond. We didn't hang around, as we wanted to get to the next shot.

Both of the next two locations are near Caplan. The Chaleur scared the local bird populace in this shot.

There was a lot of fog, as you can see.

Our next shot in the fog was at mile 82. David Morris calls this "Fred's Bridge" after the late Fred Angus. Fred was a noted railfan, author, editor, and rail history supporter. Fred's favourite number was 82, and he really liked this bridge for that reason. On my last trip I shot the other side of the bridge, so I decided to get on the sea side this time.

The train reached New Carlisle, its terminus for this trip. I'll talk about that in the third and final part of the Chaleur chase.

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