Monday, June 22, 2009

CP Ballast Trains

I was out west of Regina earlier this month, and I saw a pair of CP ballast trains just west of Morse, SK. One train backed into a siding, and the other pulled up to the end of the siding.

The train backing in had a spreader (CP 402999) just behind the power (CP 3033 leading and CP 6041 trailing, both with Pacman logos). There was a caboose and another spreader on a siding.

The train pulling out had CP 5960 and red barn CP 9005 for power.

CP 5960 and CP 9005 near Morse, Saskatchewan

Here's a closeup of grubby CP 5960.

Dirty CP 5960 near Morse, Saskatchewan
Trailing CP 5960 was one of the rare "red barns", CP 9005.
CP "red barn" SD40-2F, CP 9005
CP had 25 "red barns" built for them in 1988. The red barns were SD40-2F units, standard SD40-2 interior with a Draper taper type cowl. They were the last SD40-2 units built by GM.

Here's the video of the two trains:

I taped both trains, then kept heading east. I saw a stack train parked in Ernfold and a few more trains before hitting Regina again.

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bmillier said...

Nice blog, all the SD40-2s haven't been seen around Vancouver for most of summer, must be calling them in for SD30C program. Sure hope a couple of the barns get saved. Take Care