Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pelletier Subdivision, Part 1

Continuation of Napadogan Subdivision post. On May 31, David Morris and I passed Edmundston into Pelletier subdivision territory in hot pursuit of CN 121.

We decided we would get it at Lac Baker, NB since there was a lovely church that could be used as a background for the train. We arrived and parked at the Caisse Populaire, then I headed across the road to scout out locations. I thought I was a lot farther ahead of him than I was... because I could hear them blowing for a nearby crossing! I didn't have time to set up the video camera, so I just shot stills at 11:36.
IC 2707 leading CN 121 through Lac Baker

CN 121 through Lac Baker
A great combination of light and location... in my humble opinion.

David and I knew, from the lineup we had earlier that day, that 121 would have to meet CN 308 somewhere nearby. As it happened, we got another phone call at noon stating that CN 121 was stopping at Tarte to meet CN 308 there. Now, if you look at your Pelletier Subdivision timetable, you will see that Tarte is at mile 44.0 and we were around mile 20. In fact, Tarte is the only siding greater than 7500 feet on the subdivision, so if two long trains have to meet, that is the place.

Given that we knew CN 308 would be a while, we elected to pull up stakes and head west into Quebec to at least look at Tarte to see if a photo could be taken there. We did that, and decided that there was no good shot there without a great deal of hiking. We continued on to Riviere-Blue and set up there by the old station to await 308's arrival.

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