Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pelletier Subdivision, Part 2

Continuing from the last post, we were at Riviere-Blue in Quebec awaiting the arrival of CN 308. We were not disappointed, as she rolled through at 12:25 Eastern with IC 2717, dirty black IC 1020, blue BCR 4652, CN 5648, and red-white-and-blue BCR 4608 leading a long long train.

After a dozen or so freight cars went by, we jumped in the car and beat it out of town. Alas, they got past CN 121 at Tarte and to the highway crossing before us. It was close but of course safety comes first so I stopped at the crossing, got out and gave them the railfan rollby inspection. Once the long train passed, we pursued and this time I got to the highway crossing well ahead of them at Long Lake. We elected to jump out just out of town to get this shot across the lake.

Once again in pursuit, we crossed the border ahead of them and got one side-of-the-road shot just short of Lac Baker. We then hurried ahead to Lac Baker to get the church shot. I was literally slapping the tripod up and turning the video camera on as the train rolled into view at 14:05 Atlantic... it was a close thing.
IC 2717 on train CN 308 at Lac Baker NB

This time I shot the whole train, since time was running short and I didn't intend to pursue any more.

As it happens, they beat us to the next highway crossing and then we passed them as we entered Edmundston on our way home.


Jody R said...

Hey Steve. Not sure if you heard but the domtar mill in Woodland is opening back up June 22nd with all 300 workers coming back. Good news for the nb southern and their south freight.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Yes, I did hear that... good news for the area and I hope they stay open for a long long time.