Thursday, June 25, 2009

Return to Portage, Part 2

(continued from part 1)

Once the westbound CP train left, I refueled at Esso and Tim's and headed downtown. On my way there, I heard CN 114 calling the station boards as it approached town. I shot CN 8857 and BCR 3903 near the route 240 overpass at 07:30.

After that, a few CN section men got permission to do some work on switches near the CN-CP diamond. That ruled out any CN action for a while. I wandered around a bit before hearing CP 748 call in. I decided to shoot them near the route 240 overpass. It turned out that the power was Olympic CP 8865 on the head end of an intermodal train, with CP 9833 pushing on the end.

I went down to East Tower for the next shot. CN 115 blew through at 09:00 with three units, CN 2262, 2596 and 5563 providing the power.

I heard a track foreman ask the RTC for track time. The RTC said that CN 314 was switching Bloom (just west of Portage), so I decided to go there. I saw CN 5685 and 5783 doing a bit of switching, with the rest of their long train on the main line. They put everything back together around 09:35 and headed out. I decided to shoot them coming out of Portage, so I went to the gas station just east of Portage and waited. They rolled by at 10:10, and I tried for a little artistry here.
CN across the Prairie

I took one more conventional shot and headed back to Winnipeg. Not a bad morning at all!

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