Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those GMD1s

I have a soft spot for the GMD1 engine. Something about those little engines just makes me smile. Every time I am in Regina, I try to get to the CN yard to catch a glimpse of one of them.

On June 11 I had a little free time, so my youngest son and I went out looking for some trains. We found a CP mainline freight and I shot that, then we stumbled across CN 1412 with a pipe train. We stopped and watched it pull a boxcar from an industry.

Then it was on its way to the yard with a long train of pipes.

They dropped the train in the yard, then parked the engine near the shop.

The odd thing was, later on that week, I happened to meet up with one of the founders of Torch River Rail, a new shortline that runs between Nipawin and Choiceland in northish Saskatchewan. They have a GMD1, ex-CN 1432, that they use to take their loads to CP in Nipawin. He is very enthusiastic about their railroad and its prospects. It was a definite pleasure to talk with him.

The GMD1 lives on!

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