Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Videos - CP

Here's a quickie video of CP 9513 leaving Swift Current, SK.

And my personal favourite, two CP ballast trains near Morse, SK. One backs in a siding while another pulls out... blogged about here.


Eric said...

Thanks for sharing those CP videos Steve. I can see why you like the ballast trains video...wide-vision van, two spreaders, classic SD's and Red Barns. Those passing motorists had to be oblivious to the rail action they were driving by. I photographed a similar train in Portage in the 1980's when those ballast cars were new, and will be posting it to my blog in due course. The multimarks on those cars on the bald prairie make a somewhat hypnotic image.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Eric, yes, I like the multimarks on the Prairie. No multimarks out East here! I guess I'll be seeing more of them soon.