Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winnipeg to Regina Trains

On June 25, we drove back from Winnipeg to Regina. On the way, we saw a few trains (mostly CP) and I managed to record two of them.

Broadview, Saskatchewan is a division point and you can often see a train there. This time I saw CP 3100 and 3034 resting there. Unfortunately they were not in a photogenic spot.

Later, I saw an eastbound freight just east of Grenfell, Saskatchewan. It appeared to be accelerating from a stop. I pulled over to a rural crossing and set up my video camera, only then noticing that it had been left ON. The battery light was blinking but I turned it on anyway and then started shooting stills. The battery died about halfway through the train, which is good enough, I guess. You can just see the Grenfell elevator in the distance behind the train in the photo.
CP 8771 near Grenfell Saskatchewan

As we passed Grenfell, I saw a westbound freight off in the distance. Clearly there had been a meet. We carried on and soon came to Sintaluta, SK (love that name) where another eastbound freight waited in the siding. I stopped to take a few stills before heading on. I was pleased to see the second unit was CP 6078, an SD40-2 converted to a "B" unit with blanked-out windows.
CP 5790 near Sintaluta Saskatchewan

CP 6078 near Sintaluta Saskatchewan
I understand the B units were created by CP because they were dedicated to Locotrol (remote control) service and would never lead.

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