Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CP 4241 in McAdam

One more eBay photo for you, this time from a black and white negative. It shows CP 4241 in front of the roundhouse in McAdam on June 25, 1978. I am not sure when the roundhouse came down in McAdam but it must not have been long after this photo, given the apparent lack of a roof.
CP 4241 in McAdam
4241 is ahead of another C-424 unit, followed by two other units that might be RS-18s. RS-18 CP 8731 is the unit on the right track.

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Jody R said...

Brings back some fond but sad memories! To the left is the repair yard and the boxcar on the right is sitting beside the stores dept. The shops stood for some time after 1978 although I'm not sure exactly when they were torn down. You can see a bit of the roundhouse beyond the stores track too.