Thursday, July 09, 2009

Gary's Photos from NB Southern Announcement

Gary Lee posted some great photos in Facebook that he took at the NB Southern announcement this past Tuesday. I stole a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

Rolling in
Here are some of the guests rolling up to the station on the head end of NBSR 2319. From the sequence of photos, it looks like they got on a little west of the station and the train pulled up to the station.

Driving the golden spike
I believe this is James Irving driving one of the three "golden" spikes.

L-R: Frank Carroll, Mayor of McAdam; Rodney Weston, Saint John MP; Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson; James Irving, President, NBSR; Premier Shawn Graham; Denis Landry, MLA and Minister of Transportation; Rick Miles, Fredericton-Silverwood MLA.

The spikes
The "golden" spikes in the tie. Notice how the gold paint came off when they hammered them in. The spikes were later extracted.

McAdam Yard Sign
The yard sign at McAdam.

Great shots, Gary!

EDIT: Filled in unknowns in photo, thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the gentleman (second from the right) with the foot on the rail could be the Hon. Denis Landry.

Caleb said...

Are those NBSR units (top photo) new, or just freshly painted?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Peter. That is definitely him.

Caleb, I think they were just washed. 2319 was painted a few years ago and still looks good. I'm glad they used those rather than the 980x units - those are looking rather faded.