Sunday, July 05, 2009

NB Southern Railway Repainting Passenger Cars

Several people have noticed that NB Southern has had their passenger cars in the Island Yard shops. Speculation was that they were preparing them for the New Brunswick Day excursion with the Premier. Well, they are definitely repainting them!
NBSR 5471 crossing the Reversing Falls bridge in Saint John, NB. Photo by Bob Boudreau

Bob Boudreau got these shots of NBSR 5471 crossing the Reversing Falls bridge this weekend.
NBSR 5471. Photo by Bob Boudreau

It looks like they painted the roof and undersides too, and maybe even replaced the diaphragms! They look sharp so far. I assume they will be decaled in the Dever Road yard.

This is what the three passenger cars used to look like. This is NBSR 5448 but they all had the VIA colours with NBSR on one end.
NBSR 5448 at Harvey Lake, 2007/09/15

Thanks to Bob for the photos!

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Jody R said...

Hey Steve, this is probably a little late for your readership and I thought it might be of interest for the atlantic rails people too...anyway tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th NB Southern has a big announcement in McAdam at the station at 10am. Premier Graham, the Irvings, MP Greg Thompson, etc will be there. Free bbq, etc. They have done a ton of work sprucing up the yard, new signage, crushed rock, you name it. Word is they're announcing the new rail (130lb?) for the SJ to Brownville line. That's why veteran affairs minister Thompson will be there. Hopefully if anyone is interested it's a good photo op. According to the boys in the yard they wll have every piece of equipment you can imagine parked in front of the station. Even put in three special ties with decorative white stone/ballast for a ceremonial spike driving ceremony! No Craigellachie but it should be interesting! lol