Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos of Spring 2009's Last Stainless Ocean

David Morris chased the "last" stainless steel Ocean from Oxford Junction to Miramichi on April 29. I say "last" because it is the last of the season. VIA Rail has traditionally taken one Renaissance trainset out of service at a time during the winter, replacing it with the HEP stainless steel cars. Perhaps this really was the last stainless steel Ocean? We'll see.

Here it is at Oxford Junction, NS. The curving track to the left is the remainder of what used to be a wye track.
VIA's Ocean through Oxford Junction. Photo by David Morris.

The next shot is at what David calls the "Bull Barn" near Memramcook, NB.
The Ocean at Memramcook. Photo by David Morris.

Finally, a shot in Miramichi as the Ocean approaches the station.
The Ocean approaching Miramichi. Photo by David Morris.

The consist of the train was engines 6435, 6440, baggage car 8621, coaches 8109 and 8140, Skyline 8503, diner LOUISE, and Chateau sleepers IBERVILLE, CADILLAC, LASALLE, and DOLLARD.

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