Sunday, July 05, 2009

Woodstock Bridge Washout, 1976

I'm just jotting down a quick note I saw in the May 1977 "Railroad" magazine.

"CP Rail has fully restored rail service to its 105-mile line between McAdam and Aroostook, N.B. The line had been in partial operation since April, 1976, when spring floods washed out a 449-foot bridge at Woodstock. Cost of reopening the line was over $1 million, with some $1,700,000 being used to rebuild the bridge. CP Rail will run about three trains a day over the reopened line and grant running rights to CN Rail trains into Woodstock."

There is also a CP Rail photo of a high-hood RS-18 leading a train of several boxcars over the bridge, the first train over since it was rebuilt. I can't read the unit number but it is 87xx. Anyone know what it was?

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