Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freight In The Rain

I decided to go see what was happening on the CN mainline aka the Rivers subdivision. Mostly I was looking for VIA's Hudson Bay but I would take what I could get!

We pulled off the Perimeter Highway onto Wilkes Avenue just after noon. I headed east into the city, and very quickly saw a set of headlights coming my way. I took the next left and parked on the side of the road, and knocked the tripod together as quickly as I could. The freight was upon us at 12:10.

The train had CN 5601, IC 2460 and CN 2519, plus a LOT of containers.

After that, I decided to head west on Wilkes until I neared Diamond, where the CP line crosses the CN Rivers subdivision. We parked on the road to Headingley and broke out lunch. It was actually not that long before another westbound freight came along at 12:38. CN 8836 and 8849 provided the motive power.

Those SD70M-2s have a different sounding horn!

So it was 12:40 and still no Hudson Bay... wonder where it was? To be continued...

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Justin Davis said...

Wow double-stacked trailers, nice!

Justin Davis
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