Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Vandals

Check out David Chiasson's video of a group of kids vandalizing a VIA Rail train.

First they spray paint on the baggage car and a coach or two, then they throw rocks at it.

(shaking my head)


RailPa said...

Disgusting, these are not little vandals they are criminals shown damaging the property of Canadian taxpayers. It appears to be a run of The Ocean, and I would pray that the photographer freely provides this material to the police and provides all possible information. If each of us fails to do our part to stem this type of senseless act we fail our own families, our community and our Nation, but even more we fail our children if we don't teach them to act with responsibility and honor!

DRC in Bathurst said...

the fire dept and police requsted it as they were trying to set fire to the rail ties also,i think they got the prints off of the paint can so hes busted! been a ongoing thing for the last 3-4 weeks everytime i video theres a bunch looking to cause damage!

Its all fun and games till somebody loses any eye, or an arm or even worse!

The stretch between golf st xing and about half way into Nigadoo has to be the worst stretch in NB for person strikes and vandalism that i have witnessed, 8 dead since 88 one of which was my cousin on his 4 wheeler! 2 others strikes I was filming 1 and taking pictures at the other which dont show much because of distance and headlight blur! but It makes you go cold after figuring out what you just happened!