Monday, August 24, 2009

NB Southern Slug On The Road

I was going to post about the CP local I saw today, but this is a lot more interesting. Brian Barchard sent me an email this afternoon about the NBSR road freight he saw on Saturday. The eastbound freight had NBSR 2318 leading, with NB Southern's slug as the second unit, and a 980x unit third. The train had 67 cars and passed Harvey Lake at 17:51.
NB Southern 2318 and Slug. Photo by Brian Barchard.
I like the composition with the kids on the pier. As Brian says, the sun is problematic at that time of day.

Brian notes that NBSR seems to be running about 3 trains a week in each direction these days.

It looks like the slug has at least the side yellow reflective stripe on. I can't tell if it has a number or "NB Southern" on the side.

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