Monday, August 03, 2009

Sunday Railfanning

I took some time away from unpacking on Sunday (August 2) to go see some trains with my youngest son. I really wanted to shoot the Hudson Bay for my friend David Morris. It is scheduled to leave Union Station in downtown Winnipeg at 12:05.

I decided to shoot it along Wilkes Avenue, so we arrived around mile 8.0 at about 12:00. There was a CN hollow weld gang setting up on one of the two tracks near us. Thankfully they were only blocking the one track, so trains could go around them on the other track.

At about 12:30 I heard a train horn blow, and within a minute the Hudson Bay rolled by. It had VIA 6455 leading baggage 8600, coach 8120, coach 8110, diner YORK, Chateau LEMOYNE, and Chateau RIGAUD.
VIA 6455 and the Hudson Bay

I waited around for a while, and I was just about to pack up when I saw headlights approaching from the west. It turned out to be CN 314 rolling into Winnipeg with old CN 2449 leading and CN 5773 trailing, at 13:01.
CN 2449 in Winnipeg

We got a nice wave from the engineer - always appreciated.
Wave from the engineer

We pulled up stakes and headed into town at that point. I drove around for a bit, and finally settled on the diamond where the CP La Riviere subdivision crosses the CN Rivers subdivision. CN 304 rolled through at 14:08. This was a very long train, with CN 8822 and another unit leading, and CN 2292 as DPU about 2/3 through the train. The train was almost entirely paper loads.
CN 8822 in Winnipeg
The CP line is in the foreground.

CN 2292 in Winnipeg

We went home after that to get the rest of the family for Folklorama. Not a bad first railfan outing since moving here!

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Eric said...

Nice shots,'ve wasted no time getting trackside in your new city. Hope the unpacking goes well and thanks for sharing...that VIA shot could be out on the prairie; hard to believe it's in Winnipeg.