Saturday, August 15, 2009

Symington Yard Today

I took the kids out for some errands, and I decided to go see what was up at CN's Symington Yard here in Winnipeg. The weather was pretty overcast and it eventually started to rain.

First, I saw CN 7522 and 7521, with slugs 501 and 511, pushing cars up the hump in Symington Yard in Winnipeg.

The second hump yard set had CN 7528 and 7511 with two slugs between them.

While I watched, CN 2552 and 5693 pulled up. Later scanner traffic would indicate this was CN 314.

I went down to Navin Road (CN Navin) to await CN 314's departure. After listening to the scanner traffic, I determined they were still assembling their train. However, I heard CN 343 calling in to ask where they were going to yard their train. Soon enough they rolled very slowly by with CN 2630 and 2675 pulling a very long manifest train.

Midway through taping that train, the skies opened up and it started to rain heavily. We gave up on the train watching and headed home. Not a bad afternoon for a rainy day!

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