Monday, August 17, 2009

Today's Canadian, and Bonuses

My lunchtime trip to see the Canadian yielded a bonus, even with the rain. VIA 1 was on time again today, with a 22 car train.
VIA 6410 and the Canadian in Winnipeg
VIA 6410 and 6451; baggage 8609; diner YORK; coaches 8112, 8117, 8100, 8109; Skyline 8506; diner EMPRESS; Skyline 8511; Carleton Manor; Stuart Manor; Rogers Manor; Elgin Manor; Chateau Closse; Grant Manor; Wolfe Manor; Skyline 8505; diner Fairholme; Franklin Manor; Hearne Manor; Sherwood Manor; Waterton Park.

As the Canadian rolled by, I saw two sets of headlights off to the east. It turned out that the first was the BNSF engine 2743, caboose, and a train of about a dozen cars. They took the switch east of the junction to pull into their yard. I was too far away to get any decent pictures. It was odd that 2743 did not have ditch lights on; perhaps it doesn't have any.

The second set of lights turned out to be a long CN container train. After a few minutes, it started pursuing the Canadian on the north track. The train had CN 2552, 5693 and 5703 for power.
CN 2552 in Winnipeg Manitoba

Not bad!

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